A Brief History of King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Building, No. 57, Macalister Road, Penang

Posted on: Mon, 2012-11-26 10:35   By: ku_ayu
No. 57, Macalister Road (1)
No. 57, Macalister Road (2)

The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Building is a heritage building at No. 57, Macalister Road, Penang. It used to function as a first maternity hospital. The building was restored in 2008. It took six years for the renovation work before it was completed at the end of 2007, after the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) started renovating it in 2001.

The idea to found a maternity hospital can be traced back to around 1912 when two British colonial officers, William Evans and William Peel, proposed a maternity hospital be set up in memory of King Edward VII. Sir William Peel was the President of the Municipal Commissioners in Penang in 1911 and Acting Resident Councillor of Penang in 1917. 

The King Edward VII Memorial Fund was set up for this purpose It garnered support from various members of Penang’s business circles. Donors include the Huttenb10ach brothers, Tye Kee Yoon, the 4th Chinese Consul to Penang, the Sarkies Brothers of E & O Hotel fame, various clan associations, and other pillars of society of early 20th century Penang. A plaque at the hospital building shows that the fund managed to raise $65435.

The resulting building constructed for the maternity hospital was occupied for that purpose from 1915 to 1955. In 1955, the maternity hospital was moved to Jalan Residensi, where it is still located. The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital building was then handed over for the use of charitable organizations. Between 1955 and the 1980's, the building was occupied by various organizations including the St John Ambulance, the Red Crescent Society, and a vocational training centre for adults. 

On 18th September 2010 this premise was lease officially to Penang State Museum & Art Gallery as an attention to its current premise at Farquhar Street.

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