Fort Cornwallis

Posted on: Thu, 2020-10-01 13:06   By: MZMKPLBPKHG
Fort Cornwallis
A star-shaped fort, named Fort Cornwallis after the then Governor-General of India, was originally a “nibong” stockade which Francis Light hastily erected to protect the newly-founded settlement of Penang against enemies.
By 1793, Light found the fort to be decaying and incapable of protecting Penang, so he initiated extensive repair work. The present structure owes its construction to Governor R. T. Farquhar (1804-5) who engaged convict labour for the task. A new half-moon battery was built at great cost.
Structurally, Fort Cornwallis was never considered of much value, especially when it became apparent that Penang could not be utilized as a naval dockyard. Nevertheless the fort remains as a legacy of the British presence.