About fomMember Membership Programme

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Anyone wishing to know more about PSM and its highly regarded collections, enjoy unlimited access to PSM, and all the products and programmes and benefits that the scheme offers, can be a fomMember (13th years and above).

fomMembers also aims to connect with and cater to individuals and corporations who already know PSM, and who would like to belong to a more formal structure through which they may continue to show their support, whilst also benefiting themselves.

Join us today and belong to a dynamic group of art and heritage supporters!

As a fomMember, you will enjoy:

·        20% discount for all merchandise purchase for RM30 and above

·        Individual (Adult) members may bring 2 additional friends for free

·        Free and unlimited entry to our galleries and to the special exhibitions

·        Validation of membership for two years after registration

·        Special invitation from Penang State Museum and Art Gallery to special exhibitions

For any assistance, please contact Mr. Hafiz Zainula at our office No.57, Jalan Macalister, 10400 Penang or via phone 04-226 1462 or 04-226 1461 or fak 04-226 1439.

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